Meadowridge Veterinary Hosp

853 Auburn Rd.
Groton, NY 13073


Veterinary Technicians


Meadowridge and The Boarding Barn Staff

Cheryl Ceurter

Cheryl works as a veterinary assistant at Meadowridge. She has grown up all around New York on dairy farms, and is currently an EMT and firefighter in Berkshire. She has a Bachelor’s in psychology at University of Phoenix, and soon will be going on for her master's degree.  She currently has a dog, cat, three guinea pigs, rabbit, pony, chickens and a pig named Casper.  She also loves to spend time with her three beautiful daughters. 


Lezlie Kennedy

Lezlie grew up on a crop farm in Western New York and remained in Ithaca after graduating from Cornell with an Animal Science degree in 1987. She has been involved in veterinary medicine since then.  She started working at Meadowridge as a receptionist in 2005. Lezlie is also a certified EMT volunteer for the Slaterville Ambulance and a member of the Slaterville Fire department.


 Cristy Brown

 Veterinary assistant, Receptionist


Shelly Candea

Veterinary assistant, Kennel assistant


Kennel Staff

Deb Isham

Deb is our kennel manager at the Boarding Barn for Pets, and she also works as an assistant and receptionist at Meadowridge. She has worked here since around 2001 and enjoys the work she does.  She has adopted many animals over the years, including ducks chickens, dogs and cats. She spends her free time with her three kids, and her two grandsons.


 Ben Charnley


DJ Erb

DJ has worked in the Boarding Barn for around 2 years now. She also has been a professional groomer since 1994. She graduated from Ohio University with a Wilderness skills degree and likes to spend her free time with her four canine friends. She has a passion for dog sledding



Becky Sellen

Becky has worked as a part time receptionist and kennel assistant at the Boarding Barn and Meadowridge since 1997.  She works full time at Cornell University as well.  She grew up on a crop farm in Genoa and has been around animals her whole life.  She currently has two cats and one dog.


Lizzy Drake

Kennel assistant


 Brandy Coleman