Meadowridge Veterinary Hosp

853 Auburn Rd.
Groton, NY 13073


Meadowridge and The Boarding Barn Staff

Veterinary Technicians


Sharon has been an LVT for many years. She still loves being a tech and really likes helping people with behavioral issues with their pets. She often uses her little dog Millie to help puppies and shy dogs feel more comfortable at MVH. She is also a Certified Pet Dog Trainer who teaches classes for the Ithaca Dog Training club and plays at agility and herding and occasionally at tracking with her dogs.
When she is not at work Sharon is surrounded by her animals. She does a bit of rescue- a bit of teaching dog classes and a lot of sheep farming. Hum Hollow Farm raises wooll sheep that really earn their keep by training sheepdogs. On Sundays Sharon and several of her dogs may be found helping other dogs learn the art of herding- actually it’s the handlers that learn- the dogs know it instinctually. Her farm consists of sheep, a cow, and alpacas and 2 llamas.
Sharon lives with a large pack of various dogs as well as cats. In her spare tie she dreams of spinning wool and writing dog stories, but in reality she is feeding her critters or thinking about shearing or doing hay. Surrounded by her dogs, she is content at the end of each day.


Cindy grew up on a dairy farm and has been surrounded by animals all her life. Since becoming a vet tech, she’s gotten most of her pets as an occupational hazard, rather than by choice. Many of those animals have special needs and require extra care. Each one has been the a unique fit and she is truly thankful to have had them in her life.

General Staff



Katie has spent half her life in Texas and the other half in California. She decided to switch things up and try out living in New York as she pursues her undergraduate degree majoring in Animal Science and minoring in Infectious Disease Biology at Cornell University. She is an avid horseback rider and is Captain of Cornell's Western Equestrian team.


Deb also works as an assistant and receptionist at Meadowridge. She has worked here since around 2001 and enjoys the work she does.  She has adopted many animals over the years, including ducks chickens, dogs and cats. She spends her free time with her three kids, and her two grandsons.


Kara is an avid animal lover of animals both farm and pet. There has never been a time in her life where she had no pets. She enjoys many different outdoor activities besides riding her horse such as kayaking and four wheeler riding. Find her in the clinic and in the kennel.